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At Canveo, we enable businesses to be successful. Get contracts done. Faster, without friction, and with the confidence of making sound legal decisions. All the time.

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Our Story.

Canveo was founded in late 2020 by a Lawyer and a Technologist. Both brought with them decades of experience with the antiquated processes, technologies and approaches towards B2B contracting.

Within a few months, Canveo was able to onboard a growing number of customers who have been using and loving the platform ever since. We officially launched on May 31st 2021.

Canveo is not just another contracting management platform, we redefine how contracts and the surrounding processes look, work and feel. We want our customers and their counterparties to be successful in what they do, knowing that their contractual obligations and risks are their existential enabler of success.

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London, United Kingdom

Canveo Limited.

71 - 75 Sheldon Street
Covent Garden
WC2H 9JQ London
United Kingdom

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We're looking for the best. That doesn't (necessarily) mean a fancy degree, it means the right mix of skills, creativity and perseverance.

Bring a Smile

At Canveo, we work with talented individuals, help each other, appreciate everyone's input, laugh (a lot), and work normal hours.

Bring You

Above anything, we want you to be you. We're motivated to attract people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and personalities.

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