The future of contracting is here.

Creating, negotiating and managing contracts can be painful. Canveo is a fully digitized end-to-end platform that guides you through the processes and content.

A contracting platform that you'll love.

Finally, a contracting platform that you'll love.

Contracts do not need to be lengthy, cumbersome files that get sent back-and-forth over email and end-up in a 'black hole'.

Digitize your contracts, collaborate through Canveo and easily find, and focus on, what matters for your business.

Create, with the click of a button.

Create new agreements from your company templates within seconds. Alternatively import your counterparty templates from Word, Google DOC, PDF or even a webpage.

World-class contract negotiation

Negotiate, without the hassle.

Forget about Word files, wrong versions and confusing email threads.

Canveo provides you with powerful tools to efficiently negotiate your contract collaboratively with your counterparty. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Sign with confidence.

Leverage Canveo's track changes, clause history, version compare and counterparty edit right configuration, to always stay in control and to ensure you do not miss any important detail.

Next, easily sign through our integrated e-signing worklow.

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Digital signing solution
A global business contracting network

Leverage the network.

Envision a network of companies, directly tying in to your sales, procurement and contracting processes. Welcome to Canveo.

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Use any device.

Time is the ultimate resource and we would not want you to waste it.

Whether you are looking to work on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or brand new digital fridge - Canveo has your back.

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Contract management on mobile or tablet
A global business contracting network

Get started within minutes.

Using our state-of-the-art, cloud-native platform (located securely in Switzerland securely located in Switzerland ) you'll sign up and configure your account within minutes.

The Canveo user experience is extremely intuitive, designed to eliminate the need for user training and eliminate any user adoption challenges.

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